Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Now that's service

They're serving gatorade and iced espresso at the .6 mile marker on the SWIM again this morning (from a little catamaran). It's a promo for a coffee company, and a good one, because everyone is talking about it.

The parade was pretty lame. I guess in the whole scheme of things, they're allowed a lame sub-event. It seemed like the primary reason they had it was to funnel everyone into the expo, which officially opens when the parade ends at its entrance. I'll hit said expo (hard) later this morning, but it was way too much of a zoo last night. I think they're unlikely to run out of Ford Explorers overnight.

Also, I might have been more into it if the USAT hadn't been so obviously outclassed by every other country in the world. Matching uniforms like the Kiwis? Cool hats like the Canadians? Cheap t-shirts like most every other country? Even a flag or button or something? Nope. I know there's some sort of a feud or something between the USAT and WTC, but it would be nice to spend a (very) little coin to show that they support the athletes good or lucky enough to get here. Andy Baldwin went to the effort of finding a shirt for the parade, so we all could probably do to similarly go the extra mile.