Friday, October 5, 2007


Who's that running on Alii drive? It's the ironmensch! It was just a little three mile jaunt, from the 2 mile mark to the turnaround at the Catholic church that Mark Allen made famous.

The run was beautiful. The miles, and even half miles are marked with permanent road signs. Alii drive goes right along the beach, which means I'll get some beautiful sunset views. Assuming, that is, that the skies don't open up like they did last night.

We ran into Luke Bell, with his wife rollerblading alongside him as a rolling rest stop. He has a hurt knee, and hasn't had a real run for six weeks. A very nice guy, he gets a good mark on the 'interacts with the slow guy with actual kindness scale'. I'll give him a seven or so. Michellie also gets a high score, because she didn't correct the fan who came up to her this morning and called her Michelle. Norman gets a three at most. He was here at lava java earlier, but was surrounded (literally) by a posse of team members, one of whom actually turned away a child who said he wanted to meet him. Norman didn't even make eye contact with anyone. Bad form for a world champion.

This place is amazing, and it's hard to believe we're more than a week away from race day. Already, the athletes are dominating town. My dad made it in last night, and will be starting up the ironmensch sherpa team by keeping me from going crazy as I try to stay off of my feet for most of the rest of the day..

All systems go today. I feel rested, ready and  honored to be here.

Sorry about the lack of sunset pictures, but hopefully the weather will cooperate tonight.