Monday, October 8, 2007

The Energy Lab

It's everything they say it is.

Shane got us in for a run today in the late morning. It's the hottest part of the day here, before the (holy sharif!) winds pick up.

It's not when I'll be there on Saturday, so it was a real privilege to run it Ironman style.

The roads are "hot mix", the really black and soft asphalt. The lava rock surrounds you, and you're far enough from the Queen K not to hear a single car. Occasionally the silence is shattered by a takeoff or landing right next door at the airport. It's low enough over the lava to make you feel like you're under attack. If you qualified to get here, it's a great place for a group run.

If you're me, you watch those men and women fly away, and then you get the true Kona run experience. I've always loved running on deserted roads, and this was no exception. I was watching the heat rise in every direction. I loved picturing the darkness, and the desperation I'll feel here looking for the turnaround and special needs beach. It's also the 'end of the preamble'. By the time we leave the energy lab, we'll have about 10k home. It's both the hardest and easiest 10k in the world as far as I'm concerned. I just need to get to that starting line.

Pics are up on picasa - scroll down to one of the other entries for the link.

Today, I get to drive the whole bike course, and ride 60 kilometers on the Queen K. I am a lucky man.

Anyone have any requests for pics or things I should do this week? Just send them along - josh_berman @