Thursday, October 4, 2007

Dig me!

Hey, guess who swam from Dig-Me beach today? Somehow, I sucked it up (and in) and walked onto this beach with the pros. Normann was there. He has absolutely zero body-fat. Nobody has any body fat, and he makes them look, well, fat.

I just went for a short swim, but it's pretty amazing. They have the buouys out already, and they go on forever. You can see the bottom, and the serious amount of local fauna. I saw a beautiful turtle (it's a good omen, so I have that going for me), and lots of brightly colored fish. It makes sighting much easier, because you can see what straight is along the bottom. It was nerve-wracking today, because it's just one out-and-back marked. I had images of the Ironman voice-over, "Desiree's chances were ruined a week before the big event after getting hit head on during swim practice by a lottery winner." I managed to avoid this fate as well.

Swimming in the ocean was a mixed bag. The motion didn't bother me (a big shout out for ear plugs), but I did end up swallowing some water. I'll be working on that all week, and diluting the salt with water as soon as I hit shore on race day.

After that, it was time to go shopping (safeway, walmart). The room is now as stocked as it can be.

Finally, I put Ferris back together. I'm dang proud of myself for that, as I did it without help. I will have some of the nice folks here look at it.

Also, I got to drink some serious Kona coffee this morning at Lava Java, and had a lovely breakfast there with some of the Australians. I can't believe how nice everyone is being.

I even threw a few pictures up! Don't worry, I'll take more, I'm just getting going, and sunset hasn't even started yet.

For ease of use, I just threw them up here: